Fans and castmembers react to 'The Walking Dead' season seven finale

Apr 04, 2017, 00:49
Fans and castmembers react to 'The Walking Dead' season seven finale

The Walking Dead season 7 finale airs on Fox UK, Monday, April 3, 9.00pm. As usual, most of the episode was build-up to what eventually resulted in minimal payoff.

Back in Alexandria, Jadis and her group appeared to take control of the guns, while Rosita set up bombs around the perimeter to take Negan out once and for all. Sasha would ten use this knife to kill Negan. Sasha seems calm and unsteady at the same time.

Martin-Green, who played Sasha Williams on the long-running zombie apocalypse series, had a major role in the Season 7 finale, providing a strategic sacrifice that caught even the villainous Negan (Morgan) off guard. Eugene proved, despite his claims he is "stone cold Negan", he is in fact still loyal to his friends. What if he decides to take out his anger and aggression out on the Hilltop?

Looking Back At Sasha's Character - Will She Be Missed?

Glenn made the decision, Rick.

Her death had been predicted by some fans after it was announced in December that actress Sonequa Martin-Green would be joining Star Trek: Discovery.

This caused the three factions to fight for survival, but ultimately, Negan managed to have Carl and Rick together. The episode was only the second since season two to feature only one walker - Sasha.

The next morning, Carol took the Kingdom and Shiva towards Alexandria. Negan and most of his men, including Eugene, escaped.

The death in question was, unfortunately, Sasha's. And TWD fans are wondering if anyone will die in TWD season finale, "The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life". As evident throughout the entire season, it was a lot of setup for diminishing payoffs.

It's the finale Walking Dead fans have been waiting for... Not much has changed since the first episode.

Either way (and we're assuming we'll see Cudlitz's face), we will get new material from Abraham, who never really got a proper goodbye after getting his head bashed in by Negan.

The episode's silver lining was Maggie's narration at the end.

"In this handsome way, it was the first time we had ever rooted for a walker", she explained about her great sacrifice during Talking Dead.

Speaking about her exit on The Talking Dead, Sonequa said: "It just felt so right".

Now, Gimple has teased what's to come in the new season, stating that it will be "more intense" while admitting that that's what they always say. "I'm Negan", the mullet-headed ninny muggins replies.

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