Google Play Upgrades Make It Easier For Developers To Get Noticed

Mar 03, 2017, 00:15
Google Play Upgrades Make It Easier For Developers To Get Noticed

Google's recent work should make it easier for Android users to discover, try, and buy new games.

In addition to a limited, but still fully playable game experience, developers also have access to "a built-in auto-flip feature that uses machine learning technology to automatically orient the video ads to match the way users hold their phones", MediaPost reports. It's all the more surprising when Google says: "During our pilot phase, developers not only saw a 3x-20x lift in installs during their promotions, they also maintained a nice lift once the sales ended". This changes not only helped them, but also did justice for the deserving games in the Play Store. It also said that Pokemon GO has emerged as the third largest game when accounted for total game spend across iOS and Google Play in 2016, generating about $950 million in direct spending despite being available for only half the year. Today, Google says that it is changing the Play Store promotional algorithms so that more games get promoted based on their continued user engagement, rather than just how many installs a game has.

Another small but crucial change coming to Google's marketplace is the visibility of sale prices.

For users, while you will eventually have to pay full price for an app or game, it could open the door to more content that you otherwise may not have considered because of the cost. The company announced new developer features to help improve app discovery on Google Play during its Developer Day at the Game Developers Conference. Google's human editors will select games to highlight here, providing greater exposure to games they deem innovative and best show off what gaming on Android is all about.

Google is known to make all sorts of changes where it sees fit, so that its users can be satisfied.

Google is calling the new HTML5 ad format Playables. The tech giant announced that it will be promoting games with high-quality gameplay.