Anti-Netanyahu protesters march through Sydney

Feb 25, 2017, 00:08

Rather than answer the question directly, though, Trump complained that it was "not a simple, not a fair question". So, for instance, when Trump threatened to punitively tax companies that were moving jobs overseas, the interpretation was supposed to be not that he would follow through, but that he was serious about finding a way to increase domestic job growth. So applying this frame, what does it mean in the Israel context? For the Palestinians to deny the Israeli state or call for its extirpation is as foolish as post-WW IIAmerican policy denying the existence of mainland China.

Nor did Trump abandon the two-state solution.

President Donald Trump has effectively abandoned long-standing USA policy on how to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

At the news conference, Trump pledged to work toward a peace deal but said it would require compromise on both sides. The Palestinians' chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, called a one-state solution de facto "apartheid", the Times reported, and Hazim Kassim, a spokesman for Hamas, told the outlet, "It is now clear that the US has provided a cover for aggression, occupation and the confiscation of Palestinian land". While the settlements are not the cause of the ongoing conflict-Arab maximalists have seen to that-they have obscured the foundational role of Arab maximalism in preventing a peace agreement that would acknowledge the permanence of the Jewish state.

Loss. Instability. These are the words that come to mind when I think of my life as a Palestinian. "But then you're just not going to have a deal".

Belgian Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) member Hilde Vautmans also condemned the Israeli law retroactively legalizing settlements and described the two-state solution as "further away than ever". "As a single achievement, that would be a really great achievement". In its place, were laughter and wide smiles as the two leaders seemed to agree on most everything that the other said, a real "Vulcan mind meld" as veteran US diplomat and Mideast hand David Aaron Miller so aptly described it. He also visited the Moriah College Jewish day school in Sydney, where he sat in on a Hebrew class and spoke to the students.

Australia's prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, this week rejected the orthodox position that Israel is in violation of global law in Palestine. There are those who supposedly love the Land of Israel so much that they need to own all of it.

Even someone like Trump, who knows virtually nothing about foreign policy, will occasionally hit the right note on an issue - a variation perhaps of the stopped-clock phenomenon.

Looking at two-state or one-state [solutions], I like the one that both parties like. It is a declaration of tactics.

Protest against #Netanyahu in Sydney today #FreePalestine!

Trump has to be very careful.

"So all the settlements that Israel has been building inside the West Bank - the West Bank is no longer territoriality continuous as a result". Those terms, which Israel rejected, aren't likely to change.

Cardoza-Moore's commitment to Israel is unquestioned, and often indistinguishable from what mainstream Jewish groups might take on. Hopefully Netanyahu is wise enough to take his new American partner both literally and seriously.

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