AT&T opens unlimited data to all customers

Feb 18, 2017, 00:37
AT&T opens unlimited data to all customers

That's not terribly surprising as AT&T has been wary of mobile hotspot on unlimited plans going back to the early days of the iPhone. This means that one does not need to have a DirecTV or U-Verse subscription to enjoy its unlimited data offering. Starting February 16, anyone who switches to Sprint will get the nation's lowest price for unlimited data, which includes HD-quality streaming video and 10GB of mobile hotspot per month. Regular customers can make unlimited calls from the Canada and Mexico, and send unlimited texts to over 120 countries. (VZ), but judging from what T-Mobile had to say when it reported fourth-quarter results, that gap is narrowing and could close even more this year.

With three of the four major US wireless carriers duking out amongst each other with regards to unlimited data plans during the past week, AT&T was left to watch from the sidelines.

With all three of the aforementioned carriers, unlimited plan holders can stream video to their devices at the resolution offered by the content provider.

That's right! Like last week's unlimited plan from Sprint, this one is only good until March 31, 2018. There is also an option of $45 per line for four lines. At $80 a month for a single line, Verizon's unlimited data plan is $10 more expensive than T-Mobile's. The network may slow down the speed after that.

That's really a pretty general rundown of the new plans from the four competitors - all of which tweaked their plans this past week.

AT&T may also throttle unlimited data connections after 22GB of data consumption, but only during periods of network congestion. Their plan doesn't include tethering at all, and video streaming at 480p is the default.

Again, all wireless carriers in the United States have similar policies, and they all use similarly vague and confusing language to describe those policies. The credit starts after two bills, so you'll be paying $220/month until the credit kicks-in. Verizon and AT&T coverage are so close that there is no excuse for AT&T to charge more and offer less. The first line will jump to $60 per month, second will be $40 per, and lines 3 and 4 will be $30 each.

Shares of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint Corp (S.N) and T-Mobile US Inc were flat in after-hours trading. Then, you can add up to two more people to the plan for free.

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