Trump has 'huge economic interest' in Norwegian Air deal

Feb 10, 2017, 01:41
Trump has 'huge economic interest' in Norwegian Air deal

The US president Donald Trump assured US airline executives that his administration would help them to compete with foreign carriers that he said are subsidised by their governments, and promised infrastructure upgrades, lower regulation and tax relief.

But the campaign, called the Partnership for Open & Fair Skies, is in reality a cutthroat bid to block certain Arab airlines from USA airports - a decision analysts say would limit the choices for consumers while increasing market consolidation for the big three.

Bastian called the meeting with Trump "a positive discussion about numerous major issues facing USA travelers, airline employees and the aviation industry, which is a vital economic engine for America".

That corporation would most likely be dominated by the major airlines.

"U.S. airlines are an integral part of our nation's economy, as millions of Americans depend on safe, affordable and abundant air travel and shipping options each day", said Airlines for America spokesperson Nick Calio.

Airlines - with the notable exception of Delta - have complained that the FAA is taking too long to modernize the air traffic system.

"Delta's doing well." POTUS quipped to Bastian when he introduced himself.

While the topic was said not have been addressed in the discussions, domestic airliners' have seen growing competition from foreign carriers flying out of US hubs. American Airlines' (AAL) CEO, Doug Parker, did not attend due to an already-scheduled management conference taking place.

On Air Traffic Control: "I hear we're spending billions and billions of dollars; it's a system that's totally out of whack", Trump said, though he did not completely elaborate on whether the system should be privatized. "He obviously wants to rebuild airports but he wasn't very specific about where he would get the money".

Delta, which opposes removing the ATC function from the FAA, says the meeting with Trump was a "positive discussion".

Trump's executive order suspending immigration and refugees from seven largely Muslim nations deemed a security risk was not on the agenda, Bloomberg said.

The effort is complicated because White House press secretary Sean Spicer spoke this week in support of Norwegian Air International.

"You're going to be so happy with Trump". Since the president "flies a lot, he has his own jet", Burke said, Trump has an understanding of the passenger experience in airports, which he wants to enhance-pointing to Singapore or Dubai as models the U.S. should follow in terms of airport infrastructure.

"This is a simple decision to enforce our trade agreements".