McCain says Russian Federation testing United States in Ukraine, urges Trump to hit back

Feb 06, 2017, 00:35
McCain says Russian Federation testing United States in Ukraine, urges Trump to hit back

On Friday during a UN Security Council meeting over renewed fighting in eastern Ukraine, Haley said that Washington condemned Russia's "aggressive actions" there.

Haley said that it was "unfortunate" that she had to use her first public appearance at the Council to criticize Russian Federation over its "aggressive actions" but warned that escalating violence was endangering thousands of civilians.

After the victory of Donald Trump on November 8, Russian officials have repeatedly welcomed the USA president's statements about the potential improvement in bilateral ties.

The sanctions were slapped on Moscow in December by Barack Obama after Russian Federation allegedly tried to influence the U.S. election by hacking Democratic party emails.

At the Thursday Security Council session, Ukraine's United Nations ambassador, Volodymr Yelchenko, who holds the presidency of the Security Council for February, said the strife around Avdiivka started with artillery shelling by the Russian army and Russian-backed fighters from the two suburbs they control abutting the town.

The call was the first direct contact between the two leaders since the inauguration of Trump, whose aim to improve relations with the Kremlin has alarmed Kiev while the almost three-year-old conflict remains unresolved.

When asked what weapons he wanted to send to Ukraine, Senator McCain said: "Javelin, among other things, and counter-battery armour". "Our position is very obvious". For his part, Churkin said his intention was to do his best to establish a "good working relationships" with the United States.

One of those complex and urgent issues is Ukraine, where there are definitely major differences.

Ukraine and Russian Federation had blamed each other for a surge in fighting in recent days around the government-held industrial town of Avdiivka that has led to the highest casualty toll in weeks and cut off power and water to thousands of civilians on the front line.

A recent wave of shelling has killed at least seven people and injured a further 41, according to UN Human Rights Office staff.

The city of Avdiivka saw some of the most intense shelling since violence escalated in Ukraine earlier this week.

Churkin blamed Ukrainian security forces for starting it and Ukraine's U.N. Ambassador Volodymyr Yelchenko blamed the Russian army and the separatists.

Tymoshenko, a member of parliament who is projecting herself as a potential successor to the incumbent president Petro Poroshenko, said that Trump assured her that he would "not abandon" Ukraine, according to Politico.

"The United States stands with the people of Ukraine who have suffered for almost three years under Russian occupation and military interventions", she said. Trump also did not refer to accusations that Russian Federation had hacked the American elections.

"The sudden increase in fighting in Ukraine has trapped thousands of civilians and destroyed vital infrastructure, and the crisis is spreading, endangering many thousands more", Haley said.

A Ukrainian political leader said she received assurances from President Donald Trump that he would look out for Ukraine in its ongoing dispute with Russian Federation, said people briefed in the aftermath of a quick, informal conversation between the two political figures.

Balazs Jarabik, a non-resident fellow at the Carnegie Endowment who studies Central and Eastern Europe, notes that the rebels used rockets that were in flagrant violation of the Minsk Agreement, a ceasefire pact meant to end the fighting.