India demands crackdown as alleged Mumbai attack mastermind is detained

Feb 03, 2017, 00:32
India demands crackdown as alleged Mumbai attack mastermind is detained

In a notification, the interior ministry said it had placed the JuD and its front organisation, the Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation (FIF), on a "watch list" under the Second Schedule of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Saeed is under detention in the town of Lahore.

On Monday, authorities had placed Saeed under house arrest along with four other individuals, namely Abdullah Ubaid, Zafar Iqbal, Abdur Rehman Abid and Qazi Kashif Niaz, in Lahore.

China - a close defense and economic ally of Pakistan - has time and again vetoed moves led by India in the United Nations to declare Saeed and Jaish-e-Mohammad Chief Maulana Masood Azhar as "terrorists". He's unlikely to stay detained for very long; he has more money than any other religious leader and finances the Defense of Pakistan Council, which hits the road every time the government relaxes its stance on the "Kashmir dispute".

Speaking after the arrests, a spokesman for India's Ministry of External Affairs greeted the news with caution.

Pakistan on Wednesday snubbed India's demand for a "credible crackdown" on militant groups following the detention of Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed, saying it does not need New Delhi's endorsement for its actions. Saeed in his message shows his hatred for the India as he blamed his arrest because of the pressure from India on Kashmir issue and Balochistan.

Spokesperson for the ministry Nafeez Zakaria has said that Saeed was detained earlier this week under state's policy. "We are going to take this matter to the courts and to the streets".

In a related development, the interior ministry placed Hafiz Saeed and his 37 associates on the Exit Control List. "Lots of institutions will have to do their jobs", the director general ISPR said.

The Spokesperson further said that Pakistan is still looking for justification and explanation from India as to how all the accused involved in Samjhota Express bombing where 68 Pakistani nationals lost their lives, have gone scot-free.

Mr Saeed has denied ordering the Mumbai attacks and has distanced himself from the LeT while leading his charity.

India blames LeT for the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

The outlawed group, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba - which means "army of the pure" - was widely thought to be responsible for the attacks.

Pakistan's Federal Commerce Minister Khurram Dastgir had said that an FIR will be filed against Saeed, the details of which would be released soon.

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