Trump Order Gives Pentagon 30 Days to Deliver Plan to Defeat ISIS

Feb 01, 2017, 00:37

President Donald Trump's administration is drafting an executive order giving the USA military 30 days to devise a new strategy for defeating the Islamic State group, the White House told on Saturday.

President Trump is ordering the Joint Chiefs of Staff to develop a plan within 30 days for how to defeat the Islamic State, and he wants the world to know that obliterating the terrorist army is a top priority for the U.S. said a senior administration official."It's a very nice and attractive day, it's the day that we're getting rid of these horrific and barbaric images". Earlier in the week the President once again said, "We should have taken the (Iraqi) oil. maybe we'll get another chance".

In a series of interviews, Abu Musab and two other recent defectors, as well as two current ISIS members, described the reaction to Trump's election inside ISIS's self-styled caliphate - ranging from celebration among ISIS members to fear that the US-led military campaign against the group will intensify. He issued three executive orders. The reason for banning the seven countries from entering America is the "mandate to keep America safe".

He noted that ISIS has also expanded its propaganda efforts to "inspire attacks by sympathizers who have no direct links to the group". The order seeks to cut the group's financial support as well.

Yet, many in the U.S. military are wary of Russia's role in Syria, with Moscow seen as seeking first and foremost to support and defend President Bashar al-Assad's regime. Mr. Trump vowed to defeat ISIS/Daesh during the campaign. But President Trump's objective of destroying ISIS and other jihadi groups that sow terror in the region and beyond - however desirable - is also fantastically otherworldly.

The news comes on the same day Trump had a phone conversation with Vladimir Putin which reportedly discussed co-operation in Syria. In his first visit as president to Central Intelligence Agency headquarters, he reiterated that "Radical Islamic terrorism... has to be eradicated".

"As we prepare our budget request for Congress, and I think Congress is going to be very happy to see it, our military strength will be questioned by no one, but neither will our dedication to peace", he said.

"President Trump might be looking for something with quicker results, that could put some more options on the table", retired Lieutenant-General David Barno, who led coalition forces in Afghanistan from 2003 to 2005, told National Public Radio last Friday.

Trump has signed a raft of other executive orders in the past few days, including a controversial ban on refugees entering the USA and a temporary ban on allowing individuals from seven mostly Middle Eastern nations, even some legal residents, to enter the US.

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