Pokemon Go launches in South Korea 6 months after global debut

Jan 25, 2017, 06:33
Pokemon Go launches in South Korea 6 months after global debut

Pokemon Go has finally been released in South Korea today. In other countries, the game, which was made by Google spin-off Nantic, uses Google Maps, but in Korea, the government has denied the American tech giant access to detailed map data, citing geopolitical security concerns. Released in July previous year, Pokémon Go captivated people around the world as they ventured outside their homes to capture the beloved little digital monsters via their smartphones. The companies didn't go into specific, s only that they used "various publicly accessible data sources", Niantic art director Dennis Hwang told Reuters. Nevertheless, it is presently clear that stable and firm selling creates a big distinction to games like this.

South Korea is the world's fourth-biggest gaming market after China, the United States and Japan - with China the only remaining market left locked to Niantic.

The team released an update yesterday to match the South Korean launch.

If these claims turns out to be true then we might expect "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 update to arrive with new gender options, costume choices and a long awaited Shiny Pokemon.

Neither Niantic nor Pokemon Korea specified how they managed to work around the Google Maps challenge. The cold weather has kept users away from walking the streets to play the game.

The game maker remains positive about Pokemon Go's prospects in Korea.

The game's launch in Korea has also been shaky, with multiple errors reported, including Android users saying they had trouble downloading the app and others reporting the game's failure to detect a Global Positioning System signal.

"Pokemon Go", released in global markets including the U.S. in July 2016, is a GPS-based mobile game that involves users going to real-life locations to capture virtual monsters, such as the famous character Pikachu, via their smartphones.