Diplomats Arrive in Astana for Syria Peace Talks

Jan 23, 2017, 00:27
Diplomats Arrive in Astana for Syria Peace Talks

"The U.S. Government this week received an invitation from the Government of Kazakhstan to attend the January 23 talks in Astana", said Mark Toner, the acting State.

Among the participants of the two-day talks include representatives from the Syrian government, opposition groups, Russia, Turkey, Iran, US-led coalition, and United Nations, according to the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan.

The two-day talks are led by Russia, Turkey and Iran, the same nations that brokered the rickety cease-fire that began December 30.

Peace negotiations sponsored by Russian Federation and Turkey are being held to end six-year long civil war in the country.

UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura is also expected to head to Astana leading a delegation.

Peace talks between Syrian government and rebel fighters will be held in Kazakh capital Astana tomorrow.

Rebels have insisted the talks will focus exclusively on reinforcing a frail nationwide truce brokered by opposition supporter Turkey and regime ally Russian Federation last month.

"We think it would be the right thing to invite the representatives of the United Nations and the new U.S. administration to the meeting", Lavrov said on Wednesday, at a press conference summing up the results of Russian foreign policy in 2016.

The United States has backed the rebels.

Fighting between moderate and extremist-linked rebel groups has hampered efforts to form a more cohesive moderate coalition opposed to Assad.

Khamis said his government welcomes any initiative that could be conducive in restoring peace and security to Syria.

The truce came after a deal brokered by the trio to evacuate militants from Aleppo late last month, which handed the Syrian troops a major victory in liberating the second biggest Syrian city, and a December 20 meeting between the foreign ministers of the three countries in Moscow, in which they agreed on principles any Syria crisis settlement should adhere to. "And, it gives some optimism to observers, to people living first of all in Syria, that it might be a very important step forward to resolving this long-term civil war in Syria".