Matt Damon on Why He Returned to 'Bourne' Franchise

Aug 02, 2016, 00:35

In many ways, being a technology journalist is exactly like being an action hero. But this is very, very well-trod territory and the result is the weakest film in the series.

This is the longest line of dialogue Jason has in the movie: "Beirut".

He further said that at present, they can not find time to offer for each other in making and producing film like the one they did nearly two decades ago for they already have a numerous commitments and that they both had a day job being a good parents for their kids. There's a subplot about a cabal between Langley and Silicon Valley that's sort of interesting, but it has nothing to do with Our Man Bourne at all.

As far as action movies go and especially as far action series go, it's hard to get better than the Bourne movies.

Sadly, now they've gone back to the old formula to bring back Matt Damon's amnesiac agent.

There's also classic action, like big auto chases. His lightning reflexes and gift for using pens and rolled-up magazines as lethal instruments were the product of brainwashing. He suffered bad headaches.

Although the original Bourne films are still exciting to watch, they haven't exactly aged well since all of the technology featured feels dated in 2016.

In conclusion, Philadelphia CBS said, "And while the film has kinetic energy to spare, perhaps we might have appreciated being spared some of it. Think of it as not quite up to the standards of the first three installments, but about as impactful as the previous one".

Jason Bourne gets 6/10.

But even though Damon is returning to the role that helped make him a name at the box office, it's a credit to the actor that he's has had the career he's had without ever really relying on the action genre.

He resurfaces when his old ally Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) pops up with a memory stick packed with classified files she's filched from the CIA's mainframe. Things shift into motion when hackers break into Central Intelligence Agency files and uncover information about various black operations, some of which lead directly to Bourne.

Bourne is living in Athens, Greece. The implication seems to be this is his penance, but if so, why does he drop the first guy he fights with one punch? "I knew I didn't want to do it without him". Damon and Paul Greengrass, who'd directed "Supremacy" and "Ultimatum", said at the time there was nowhere else to go with the franchise and that they were done. Each January, pretty much the entire CNET team joins other tech journalists, manufacturers, random celebrities and general industry types from all over the world who descend on the Las Vegas Convention Center to see the coming year's gadgets. (Indeed, the release of The Bourne Identity was held up by almost a year, in part because of the studio was afraid the public would not embrace a film that demonized the soon after 9/11.) This one isn't bold enough to do that. The Asset, played by Vincent Cassel, has a personal vendetta against Bourne and will stop at nothing for revenge. It's just a little more subdued.

Alicia Vikander, the Swedish-born star of Jason Bourne, has a "spirited" connection to Seattle. The movie goes from 90 miles per hour to 0 way too fast and way too often. In a summer full of exhausted retreads like Independence Day: Resurgence and Alice Through the Looking Glass, one could do a lot worse than taking another globe-hopping trip with Jason Bourne. Ten years ago, there weren't any smartphones. Here's five awesome Matt Damon performances, and five that really rather sucked.

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