Biden rebuffs Giuliani on Black Lives Matter

Jul 13, 2016, 02:56
Biden rebuffs Giuliani on Black Lives Matter

The movement must be vigilant to make sure its rhetoric does not encourage violence against police officers, and to denounce it when others do so.

"They wanted to have a conversation with us and that's what we're out here to do - have a conversation", Turner told reporters. "We're here saying 'Hey, can we talk to somebody and see if we can get on the same page?'" I started a life in the gehto.

During a Monday appearance "Fox & Friends", Giuliani doubled down on his criticism of Black Lives Matter.

"It is better for the American people and certainly the people of New York City that Giuliani is no longer a public official".

"Our babies our dying because their basketball goals are falling apart", said Rev. DeVante Hill, who was on the panel with the mayor.

The Dallas police department, by many accounts, works hard to partner with its citizens, focus on community policing and reduce citizen complaints. The black women attended James Island Charter High School together several years ago and are home on summer break from different colleges. "I've asked him to apply for the job and I think last night we saw why I asked him to do that". I am a police officer first and foremost and it truly pains me any time an officer is killed. This toxic mix is now boiling over in the streets of our communities from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Minnesota to Dallas. A handful in Atlanta were also arrested.

As usual, what follows consists of misunderstandings of statistics about police shootings of white people, the defiant assurance from some whites that not just black lives matter and concern for police lives as a deflection of concern for minority ones.

"What we've seen is that most of these major technology corporations ... have acknowledged that they can be used to document when injustice happens", she said.

"But we want to do it in a legal way, as well". Where, I wonder, is the National Rifle Association when a gun owner like Castile has his concealed-carry rights violated? If we continue to allow criminals and other risky people to easily purchase firearms, we are putting law enforcement in harm's way and creating untenable situations for well-intentioned police officers. Philando was a man of peace and dignity.

Since Police Chief David Brown took over in 2010, complaints of excessive force by officers have dropped by almost two-thirds. "I promise that we will not rest until justice prevails". "It's about peaceful protest. Please keep violence at home".

The Dallas shooting led many people to suggest that members of Black Lives Matter are anti-cop, and perhaps even rejoicing at the deaths of five police officers.

It's only when a black is shot by a white policeman that his life seems to have some worth amongst the black community and left wing activists.

In St. Paul, about 102 protesters were arrested.

The video of Castile's final moments was streamed on the internet by his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds. Why would someone tell a police officer he had a gun if he meant to use it? "My officers are human".

"The image is disgusting and will not be tolerated", Rallings said, according to WHBQ.

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    Giuliani also says black children face a greater threat from other black children than from police. If valid, Stalien would not be the only police officer to be openly critical of the movement.
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